Wednesday, 1 February 2017

My Paying Crypto Ads

My Paying Crypto Ads created by trusted and honest owner Mr. Uday Nara and monitored by experienced admin. 

Uday has really shown that he can be trusted, he created My Paying Ads which has grown to over 246k members and paid out over $27,119,387.45 since it launched March of 2015 despite the PayPal crisis. 

He has gained much experience with managing rev-shares and he has been working on this new program My Paying Crypto Ads for over 5 months before launching. So far there are over 47k members and paid over 2385btc with affordable adpacks from just 0.01 bitcoin.

đź’ˇCost of 1 Adpack: 0.01 BTC

đź’ˇRevenue Sharing rewards: Upto 120%

đź’ˇReferral Commissions (on Adpacks sales): 6%

đź’ˇReferral Commissions (on all other services): 10%

đź’ˇReferral Commissions Withdrawals: Unlimited

đź’ˇAdpack Earnings Withdrawals limit: 1.0 BTC maximum per day 

đź’ˇMinimum withdrawal per day: 0.01 BTC

Thank you for taking the time to read this 

If you need further info don't hesitate to contact me.

My Paying Crypto Ads

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