Saturday, 28 May 2016

HashOcean Review

HashOcean is a cloud mining company that runs 7 data centers in different locations across the world and boasts over 550,000 users and over 270GH/s of Scrypt type mining power. HashOcean state that they have already paid over 210,000 BTC to their users and have been running and paying customers for over 2 years.

How Do HashOcean Investment Plans Work?

Start earning by opening a free account where you will get a free 15KH/s contract to get you up and running. Later on you can fund your account with Bitcoins for better payouts. Contracts are for lifetime until they become unprofitable at which point you can redeem for physical hardware.


HashOcean Investment Scheme

After much research in this site, I can say that it is safe to invest. But like any online investment, the general rule still applies "only invest in the amount that you can afford to lose".
HashOcean offer purchasing hash power over different tiers, the higher the amount you purchase, the lower you will need to pay per KH/s. The image below shows the current structure for investment.

HashOcean Pricing

How Can I Invest in HashOcean?

First of all, to invest in HashOcean you must have these things:
1. Member of HashOcean team
2. Bitcoin Wallet

You can only invest through BTC in this site as it deals of BTC mining. BTC is one of the most trending and popular E-currency worldwide.

There are lots of registered and verified BTC wallet sites where you can easily create your account and get your BTC wallet address. You can use that wallet address in HashOcean to invest and withdraw your amount.

I would recommend the most 2 popular BTC wallet in this site:

HashOcean Withdrawals

With HashOcean you get automated payments each day for balances over 0.005BTC direct to your wallet. If you have less than that the amount it will accumulate until you reach that amount. Alternatively if you want to reinvest your earnings instead of withdrawing you can change your payout mode to manual and you can reinvest again after having the amount to buy at least 20kh/s.

HashOcean Support

HashOcean offer a support ticket system through their website and have a fast response rate, they also have an in-depth HashOcean FAQ available on the website, a UK based contact number to call directly and email address for direct contact. HashOcean also guarantee you the full refund if you don’t like their service operation for any reasons and the ability to redeem hash for physical hardware.


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